Investment Management

The Perfect Balance
Matching Current Needs With Future Goals

Even affluent investors must balance today’s priorities with tomorrow’s plans. Our process for doing that includes:

Determining Your Objectives: Do you want a new car every three years? Help provide for the care of an aging parent? Leave your children a legacy? We will prompt you to articulate your goals, and then determine what you need to save and how you should invest in order to fund them in the future.

Managing Your Portfolio: We align your goals with an asset-allocation strategy, staying within your comfort zone for accepting risk. Then, we implement and manage it.

Asset Allocation Suited To Your Needs
Balancing The Tradeoff Between Risk And Reward

Applying ideas driving Modern Portfolio Theory, which optimizes the risk/reward ratio of an entire portfolio, we build portfolios matched to your goals. To accomplish this, we focus on four key values.

Diversification: Exposure to a variety of asset classes reduces portfolio volatility.

Discipline: Investment decisions are based on objective criteria, backed by in-depth research.

Customization: Your portfolio is designed based on your personal Investment Policy Statement.

Objectivity: We are a fee-only advisor. Our only incentive is to provide you with good results.

Implementing Your Investment Strategy
How We Put Your Game Plan Into Action

Once we have a clear picture of where you are going, we draw the roadmap to help you get there by:

Building your portfolio: We create a model portfolio comprised of a broad array of asset classes. When combined, these asset classes are forecasted to meet your savings goals within your risk parameters. You thus have a long-term investment policy that can be implemented with specific investments.

Monitoring your investments: Daily we monitor the progress of your portfolio’s performance toward reaching your investment goals, periodically rebalancing and making new recommendations.

Investing Requires A Steady Approach
Take The Emotion Out Of Your Portfolio

If there is one thing that the last few years have shown us, it is that markets are unpredictable, and guiding your portfolio through turbulent times requires experience, patience and vigilant management. CPIA is committed to helping you meet your investment goals through sound advice and diligent oversight of your investment portfolio, customized to meet your individual goals and structured around your risk tolerance.

Because investing involves a number of risks that are often impossible to predict, we moderate these risks by diversifying each portfolio across multiple asset classes to improve its risk-reward characteristics. Using a combination of in-house and independent third-party analysis, we will help you design a sensible asset allocation strategy and then select investments that meet our stringent criteria and that are aligned with your goals and needs. Finally, our ongoing due diligence of both the broad markets and your individual holdings will help ensure that your investment strategy stays on track.

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